Course Condition Deferral Request

After carefully reviewing recent weather forecasts, smoke advisories, and public health guidelines regarding the effects of wildfire smoke, the Seward Chamber of Commerce—in consultation with the Mount Marathon Race Committee—has decided to issue a “course condition deferral” option to all runners registered for the 2019 race. This was previously referred to as an “emergency alert.”

The course condition deferral option will allow all registered runners to defer their 2019 entry to the 2020 race if they choose not to run due to air quality.

This includes lottery winners, priority racers, petitioners and special invites. Runners with “10-year status” are already allowed to defer their entry without losing their priority status. Runners who have already submitted medical or military deferrals for the 2019 race are not required to take additional action. 

To defer race entry to 2020, please complete the form below by Friday, July 5 at 11:59 p.m. 

This timeline allows runners to decide whether or not to race based on real-time air quality conditions.

Deferral requests are a two-step process:

  • Submit a deferral request using the online deferral request form (below)
  • Runners who defer must register for the 2020 race during the normal registration period (March 2020) to gain entry in the race.

Additional information about the 2019 course condition deferral process and race conditions will be posted to the race website.

2019 Course Condition Deferral
By submitting this Course Condition Deferral Request for the 2019 Mount Marathon Race, I acknowledge that I am aware of all race rules relating to deferrals, and understand that I am required to register and make payment for the 2020 Mount Marathon Race in conformance with those rules.