Waiver Requests

The waiver requests period for the 2017 race has closed.

Priority Racers that have not attained 10-Year status and are unable to run the Mount Marathon Race® must request a Waiver in order to maintain their Priority Status.

  • Requests must be submitted to the Seward Chamber of Commerce by September 30 of the race year.
  • All requests must be submitted using the on-line Waiver Request Form (below).
  • Requests for medical waiver will be honored, but must include a medical provider’s statement verifying an individual’s inability to run the race.
  • Requests for military waiver will be honored, but must include verifying statement from official military personnel.
  • Waivers for unique circumstances, but non-medical reasons will be considered, but may not be granted.

Individuals that know they will not be able to run during the current year’s application period can register using the Skip-a-Year option to maintain their Priority Racer status.

Skip-a-Year status will not be granted to individuals that fail to apply by the March 31 application deadline.