Changes for 2016 Race

Women’s and men’s race start times will alternate annually

Starting in 2016, women’s and men’s start times will alternate annually. In even-numbered years, the women’s race will be the last event of the day and in odd-numbered years, men will take the last race of the day.

In 2016, all race start times changed

  • Junior Race 9:00 AM
  • Men’s Race 11:00 AM (second wave at 11:05 AM)
  • Women’s Race 2:30 PM (second wave at 2:35 PM)

No dogs allowed downtown or along race course

In addition to the time changes, the Mount Marathon Race Committee and City of Seward have established a “no pets” policy for July 4th. No dogs, leashed or unleashed, will be allowed in the downtown area or along the race course, including all trails on the mountain. This will increase safety for runners and spectators, and reduce problems with sanitation and clean-up. Please leave your pets at home.

Race course clousures

Routes on the race course can be closed by emergency responders and by race officials. Racers who continue along a close section of the race course after being informed of the closure may be disqualified from the current race and banned from participating in future races. The most commonly

closed section of trail is the waterfall due to the location of an injured runner and responding emergency personnel. Race officials will station volunteers at intersections to inform racers of closures.

Race terminology changes

To clarify the entry process the term “special invite request” was changed to petition for a race spot. This term more clearly indicates that a racer who bypassed the normal entry process requested entry.

Since there are now two ways to earn a race spot, a  Grand Prix race win and a top-ten finish at Mount Marathon, the criteria and process for application are housed under earn a race spot.

Earn a race spot by winning the Crazy Lazy 

The Crazy Lazy has been added to list of races eligible for a earn a race spot entry.  Crazy Lazy is the newest addition to the Alaska Mountain Runners grand prix race series. Racers who earn a race spot still pay the full race entry fee.