Request for Wave (Bib) Change

All wave change requests must be submitted by midnight April 30th using the on-line form. 

The committee considers all wave change requests, however may not be able to accommodate every request. If your request is approved, your on-line wave designation will change by May 10th.

If you wave/bib number differ between the print program and the on-line posting, the online bibs/waves are current and correct.

In general, the race bibs are assigned to keep the waves evenly balanced at 175 racers. The first wave is assigned to the top 115 finishers from the previous year, past champions, top 10-age group winners, some honored racers, some racers that have aged-up from the junior race to the adult race for the first time, some lottery winners, earned spots, some approved petitioners, and auction winners.

MMR 2017 Wave Change Request
Explain why you believe the committee should consider your wave change request?