Junior Teams

The applications period for junior teams is closed.

Juniors may race as individuals as well as on teams.

Teams allow junior racers to support one another to a common goal. The junior Mount Marathon Race is comprised of a boys’ and a girls’ division. Junior teams consist of 5 – 7 members of either all girls or all boys. Each team MUST have at least one member ages 7- 11, at least two members ages 12-14, and at least one member age 15-17. Scores are tabulated by adding together the division (boys or girls) finish places of five team members, as follows: after adding the division finish place from the highest finishing 7-11 year old and the 2 highest division finish places for the 12-14 year olds, the next 2 highest placing team member’s division finish places will be added to the score. The team with the lowest score finishes highest.

The top three teams of girls and the top three teams of boys will receive awards. Please note that the team members whose scores were not used in the tabulation will share equally in the award for the team, even if their finish place was not used in the scoring.

Being on a team does not guarantee entry into the race. Juniors must apply for the race first and if selected, may then join a team.