Bib Pick Up

It is the responsibility of all racers to check the bib assignments to ensure that they have been assigned a  bib number prior to bib pick-up. 

Pick-up Times & Locations

  • Bib pick-up begins on July 3rd from 5 – 8 pm at Seward High School, 2100 Swetmann Ave, in the atrium near the Safety Meeting.
  • Bibs can also be picked up by racers who are NOT first-time racers on July 4th beginning at 8 am at race headquarters, located at the Rae Education Building, 125 3rd Ave. Bib pick-up closes 1 hour prior to the race start for men’s and women’s races and 1/2 hour prior to the start time for the junior’s race.

Identification is required for bib pick up

  • Photo identification is required.
  • Junior racers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

First Time Entrant Bib Pick-up

  • All First Time Racers must attend the Safety Meeting in person before they will be allowed to pick up their bib with embedded electronic-timing chip.
  • Alternatives to the Safety Meeting are not available.
  • Before first-time racers will be allowed to pick up their bib, racers (or their parent or guardian if under 18) must sign a statement stating they have previously completed the entire race course.
  • First Time Racers who fail to attend the Safety Meeting are disqualified from that year’s race.
  • Junior racers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Junior Racer Bib Assignments

  • The Junior race is comprised of 150 boys and 150 girls.
  • There is not a wave start for the junior’s race. All junior racers start together.
  • Girls will receive bibs number 1-199 in odd years, bibs 201- 399 in even years, with the first 25 bibs assigned in order of finish place the prior year.
  • Boys will receive bibs number 201- 399 in even years and bibs numbered 1-199 in odd years with the first 25 bibs assigned in order of finish place the prior year.

Adult Racer Bib & Wave Assignments

  • Bibs numbered 1-399 indicate the racer is in the first wave.
  • Bibs numbered 400 and above indicate the racer is in the second wave.

Instructions to Request for Wave Change

Bib & Timing Chip Placement

Any individual providing their bib and/or timing chip to another runner will result in the disqualification of both individuals.

Timing chips will be attached to bibs – check it out! Here are some tips on the best way to wear your bib to ensure the most accurate time possible.

  • Your timing chip is attached to your race bib.
  • Do not fold or crumple your chip.
  • Do not remove the chip from the back of your bib.
  • The best place to wear your bib is on the front of your torso, pinned securely on all four corners.
  • If you are not wearing a shirt, place it so that the number is still reading as it should (horizontal).
  • Place it on the left leg.
  • Pin all four corners securely.
  • If your bib comes off during the race the best thing you can do is carry it with you and show it as you cross the finish line.