Racer Selection

Adult Race Divisions Selection

The 350 women and 350 men racers for the adult races will be filled in the following order:

Junior Race Divisions Selection

The 150 boys and 150 girl racers for the junior division will be filled in the following order:

  • Priority Racers
  • Lottery winners. The remaining slots are filled with non-priority racers through a random weighted lottery selection process.
  • Approved petition. See all rules pertaining to Petition Application

Weighted Lottery

Beginning in race year 2014, the lottery selection process began to use a new, weighted formula, increasing the odds of winning a lottery place in the race, based on the number of times you have applied. This means that applicants that apply multiple times will have an increased chance of being selected. Applicants are assigned an adjustment weight for each consecutive year they apply and are not selected for the lottery.

*Petitioners and earned race spots are not eligible for priority status.