Petition For a Race Spot

In rare instances, the Mount Marathon Race committee approves petitions because of special circumstances, such as documented outstanding results in other mountain races or other interesting circumstances.

Petitioning is intended to offer a one-time (one race) opportunity to experience the Mount Marathon Race.

The petitioner must:

  • Apply as a lottery applicant for the Mount Marathon Race® and pay the application fee.
  • Complete an online Petition (available only during the 2018 registration period). The petition will ask that: 
  • You to establish your credibility as an experienced mountain runner or your mountain skills. Include results of other mountain races.
  • Why you want to run the Mt. Marathon Race?
  • Why you are not trying to gain entry via the auction? The auction occurs on July 3rd and the highest bidder wins. There is no auction for junior racers.
  • If you live outside of south central Alaska, explain how you will practice the entire race course prior to the race.
  • Which volunteer opportunity would you like to sign up for on July 4th?
    • 6 am set up fencing downtown
      • 8:45 am – 11:00 am –street crowd control (junior race)
      • 10:45 am – 1:30 pm – street crowd control
      • 1:45 pm – 4:30 pm- street crowd control
      • 4:30  pm take down fencing downtown

Missing your volunteer opportunity will disqualify you from future races.

Those who petition for a race entry will first be considered as a lottery applicant. If the petitioner is not selected through the lottery process, the petition will be considered by the race committee. An approved petition is only valid for the current year and resets the petitioner’s weighted lottery status back to zero.

Unless a petitioner wins the Mount Marathon Race®, they may not gain priority status through an approved one-year petition, and must return to the lottery pool for the following year’s Mount Marathon Race®.

2018 MMR Petition for Race Spot
Max file size is 5 MB. Allows jags, gif and png files.