Runners who are eligible to register as Priority Racers can select not to race in the current year’s race and maintain their Priority Status for the following year’s race.

  • Must select the Skip-a-Year option during registration.
  • Skip-a-Year is not available after registration closes.
  • Racers may opt to Skip-a-Year only once in their racing lifetime.
  • Racers must select the Skip-A-Year option on the online registration form.
  • Racers must pay a $35 administration fee to qualify for Skip-a-Year status.
  • Racers may retract their Skip-a-Year option at any time during the current registration period by resubmitting their Racer Application and deselecting the Skip-a-Year option (the Skip-a-Year decision cannot be retracted and will be FINAL for that year once registration closes).
  • Any Racer who registers for Skip-a-Year and then changes their registration MUST CONTACT the Seward Chamber Events Coordinator to PAY THE ADDITIONAL AMOUNT DUE FOR PRIORITY RACER STATUS.

Skip-a-Year Racers will register as a Priority Racer the following year using the normal registration process to gain entry in the Race.