2019 Senior Division Waitlists

Men’s Waitlist Women’s Waitlist

After June 15, no more racers will be entered into the race via the waitlist. 

The race committee has decided to try out a waitlist in 2019. Our goal is to ensure that as many runners as possible have an opportunity to participate this year, without reducing the number of lottery spots available for next year.

Approximately 25 lottery applicants have been randomly selected to form an ordered waitlist for both of the adult races. As registrants withdraw, runners on the waitlist will be offered an opportunity to race. It is highly unlikely that more than a few race spots will open up, so the chance that everyone on the waitlist will be offered a race spot is extremely slim. There is no waitlist for the junior race to ensure young racers have adequate time to prepare for the race.

Procedure for waitlisted applicants:

• If your name is at the top of the waitlist when a spot becomes available, we’ll contact you (via email and phone, using the contact information you provided on your lottery application) to see if you’d like to run the 2019 race. This is a one-time opportunity to experience the race.

• You will have 5 days to respond and remit the balance of the registration fee ($65) using the PayPal link provided. If you do not respond within 5 days of being notified, you will forfeit your place on the waitlist.

• If you ACCEPT the special invite race spot, your lottery weight will reset to zero if you decide to apply for the 2020 race or beyond. This will happen regardless of your finish time. To be clear, finishing in the top 225 will not guarantee you a spot in next year’s race.

• If you DECLINE the special invite race spot, you will maintain your current lottery weight if you decide to apply for the 2020 race.

Men’s Division

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Order Status Date First Last City State Country
1 Declined 4/22 Richard Rogers Goldendale Washington USA
2 Declined 4/26 Robert Souders Sitka Alaska USA
3 Accepted 5/7 Bernard Hildebrand Northway Alaska USA
4 Declined 4/28 Steven Jones Anchorage Alaska USA
5 Declined 5/5 Jeffrey Parrott Anchorage Alaska USA
6 Declined 5/13 Adam Fyall Richland Washington USA
7 Accepted 5/19 James Fischer Anchorage Alaska USA
8 Accepted 5/20 Jason Leslie Seward Alaska USA
9 Evan Jones Eagle River Alaska USA
10 Matthew Bird Seward Alaska USA
11 Jacob Becker Bozeman Montana USA
12 Erik Helland Huxley Iowa USA
13 James Miller Anchorage Alaska USA
14 Seth Murphy Anchorage Alaska USA
15 Adam Brown Anchorage Alaska USA
16 Matthew Cope Seward Alaska USA
17 Jeremiah Deveraux Billings Montana USA
18 Trent Gould Seward Alaska USA
19 Lee McAuliffe Anchorage Alaska USA
20 Patrick McAnally Anchorage Alaska USA
21 Rhyss Vivian Anchorage Alaska USA
22 Kenneth Regan Seward Alaska USA
23 Taylor Turney Anchorage Alaska USA
24 Christopher Smith Palmer Alaska USA
25 Dylan Jones Anchorage Alaska USA

Women’s Waitlist

Order Status Date First Last City State Country
1 Accepted 4/19 Natalie Bickers Palmer Alaska USA
2 Accepted 5/15 Heidi Sinclair Seward Alaska USA
3 Declined 5/ Anne Bailey Anchorage Alaska USA
4 Declined 5/14 Neasa Coll Vancouver Canada
5 Accepted 5/18 Haylee Donovan Eagle River Alaska USA
6 Heidi Schilling Austin Texas USA
7 Vanessa Hughes Anchorage Alaska USA
8 Alisa Owsley Federal Way Washington USA
9 Tracy Pumford Fairbanks Alaska USA
10 Megan Bounds Anchorage Alaska USA
11 Amy Dunville Seward Alaska USA
12 Manuela Jay Eagle River Alaska USA
13 Christine Andrews Anchorage Alaska USA
14 Addie Thompson New York New York USA
15 Heidi Bergt Anchorage Alaska USA
16 Devin Kelly Anchorage Alaska USA
17 Emily Lindsey Eagle River Alaska USA
18 Rosalind Cuneo Seward Alaska USA
19 Haley White Anchorage Alaska USA
20 Tess Skoe Seward Alaska USA
21 Removed 4/19 Sarah Nicholas Anchorage Alaska USA
22 Jessie Pierce Anchorage Alaska USA
23 Bethany Greene Annapolis Maryland USA
24 Jaden Trboyevich Anchorage Alaska USA
25 Halle Broughton Seward Alaska USA

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