Registration for the July 4th, 2020 opens March 1, 2020

Priority Racer Entry Fees

Entry fees are due at the time the application is submitted. Payment is made using PayPal, and your credit card will show a charge from PayPal and Seward MMR.

  • Junior Priority Racers: $25*
  • Adult Priority Racers:  $85**

*Entry fees are waived for past junior champions for the junior race only.
**Entry fees are waived for past champions of the adult races.

Lottery Application Fees

Lottery applicants are charged a reduced rate during the application process. Any applicant selected in the Lottery will be notified by email, and must use the link provided in the email to remit the additional fee ($65 Adults and $10 Juniors) by April 30th. Any Lottery Applicant selected who fails to pay the remaining balance by the deadline will forfeit their place in the race.

  • Junior Lottery Application Fee: $15
  • Adult Lottery Application Fee: $20

First-Time Racers Must Completed Entire Race Course Prior to Race Day  

Before first-time racers will be allowed to pick up their bib, racers (or their parent or guardian if under 18) must sign a statement stating they have completed the entire race course prior to race day.

If an entrant falsifies any information on an application form, including but not limited to Age or Division, the entrant will be subject to disqualification at the MMR committee’s sole discretion.

Deadlines to Remember

Petitions for a race spot, earned invitational requests due: March 31st

  • Lottery winners posted and notified on or before April 15th (watch your email!)
  • Bib assignments posted on or before April 15th (watch this website)
  • Lottery winners’ payment due by April 30th (watch your email)
  • Wave change requests by end of day May 5th.
  • Raffle and auction July 3rd