Safety Tour June 20, 2015

A group of veteran runners will lead a safety tour on Mount Marathon from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, June 20, 2015.

The tour, offered in conjunction with the Mount Marathon Race Committee and Alaska Mountain Runners, will focus on helping participants travel safely on the bottom third of the mountain. 


Important Information Regarding 2015 Race

The terrain on Mount Marathon changes every year and there are inherent risk associated with mountain trail running and races. Every racer should practice the entire race course and be adequately conditioned before participating in the race. Participating without preparation endangers other racers, spectators, medical personnel, and jeopardizes the sustainability of the race. If you do not feel adequately prepared, DO NOT participate in the race. (more…)

Volunteers Wanted

Historical Race Information

You asked for it, and here it finally is! Racers, please help us beta-test this new function in our website that allows you to search for and display all of your historical MMR race results – or simply browse through the standings for years gone by.


Records containing an ‘*’ indicate Junior race results.


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2015 Lottery Winners & Bib Assignments

Lottery Winners and Bib Assignments are now available for public review!
Names highlighted in GOLD are 2015 Lottery Winners – congratulations to all!


See all results & assignments here!

Rule Changes for 2015

Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed these MMR Rule Changes for the 2015 Race before submitting your Racer Registration or Lottery Application! You are solely responsible for reviewing the Race Rules every year!